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“Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead.”

— Charles Bukowski


Psycho Gecko Talent Management is a holistic solution for artists, influencers, and performers wanting to grow their exposure and earnings. We craft a strategy with you, get you noticed, keep fans in the loop, and help manage behind the scenes functions.


You have a representative working to expand your bookings and earnings.


Let's get your name out there, keep it out there, and elevate it.


Behind the scenes, we've got your back. Contract negotiations, financial management, and logistics are handled.

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Talent Elevated


You're talented, and people like you make the world turn.


Nicole and I don't make money unless you make money and grow your audience. You only have this website URL and a business card because someone sees that potential in you.

We bring years of experience, a love of talent,  marketing and finance excellence, and a passion for advancing very talented individuals.

Regardless of whether you do comedy, innovate in music, perform online, influence others, act, or write, you're talented and it's time to move your career forward.

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Nichole Vanbuskirk

I have a passion for all things art and music, and I enjoy connecting with the talented rockstars that create it! I grew up in Boise and adore this community - live music patio and concert season is my absolute favorite and the local talent here something to brag about. Aside from just a passion for this thing, I come with a BBA and years of experience in talent acquisition. I take pride in watching talented individuals grow and want to help you get where you want to be! 

Brian McKay

An appreciation and love of all forms of talent and years of reviewing bands have become a mature vision of how talent needs to be presented, promoted, and managed. I bring a Master's of Business Administration, years of marketing experience, an eye for true talent, and a passion for helping artists advance to every client. Let's make what you love to do a success story.

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